Saturday, May 15, 2004

A Spontaneous Poem for a Kenyan Netter Called Destiny

A Spontaneous Poem for Destiny
In response to Liberation Really Sucks posted by Destiny
From: Onyango Oloo - Sat, May 03, 12:07 PM
Here we are on a Kenyan forum
Witnessing far right Kenyans celebrating rightwing "victories"

Victories of illegal invasion
Victories of bloody occupation
Victories of ruthless subjugation
Victories of shameless manipulation

Here we are on a Kenyan forum
Marveling at the ululations
Ululations for the crackling gun fire cutting down children
Ululations for the smart bombs snuffing out innocent lives
Ululations for the looting and plunder of 7,000 years of an ancient legacy
Ululations for unelected tyrants preaching democracy
While they practice censorship, repression and treachery

Here we are on a Kenyan forum
Mouths agape as we watch imperialist apologists
Take to the floor with delirious foxtrots

A foxtrot for Bush and Rumsfeld
A foxtrot for Cheney and Franks
A foxtrot for Powell and Rice

Here we are on a Kenyan forum
As we see latter day stormtrooper wannabes in cyberspace
Launching paens after paens
For these latter day Mussolinis and Adolf Hitlers
Screaming at the top of the Rush Limbaugh filled lungs:

"Heil Der Fuhrer Bush, Heil Der Fuhrer Bush
"Amerikka Uber Alles, Amerikka Uber Alles"
"Seig Heil, Seig Heil,Seig Heil"

Meanwhile even as they wave the Amerikkkan flag frantically
Ensconced somewhere in the nooks and crannies of that great empire
They know deep in their hearts
That they will always remain Nigggers, Suspicious Aliens
To the Very B*stards they worship and kowtow before.

Amazing, simply amazing.....

Onyango Oloo
Saturday, May 3, 2003