Saturday, February 19, 2005

on being stalked by a jackass

there is a bizarre stranger i accost on the internet
every single day
an uncouth youth who lies in wait for me
armed with his own fecal matter ready to fling at me
strange to say, this cyber apparition
has never had the opportunity of seeing me
yet strange soul
spends twenty seven hours every day strip mining
the deepest recesses of the internet
for any hints of my name
he has saved, in his demented reservoir
everything i have ever posted online
he keeps an eagle eye on every chat room
that i log on to
i discovered to my amused shock
two years ago
that the uncouth youth was a closeted and tormented
who developed a crush, a very sexual crush on me
every single week on one forum
posing as a woman he would drop love notes
on one of my private inboxes
using one persona
while sending me explicit
gay porn using another
when he realized
i was straight
and had a woman for a lover
he threw a very queenly hissy fit
abusing me all day and all night
as if that was not enough
he bombarded and still bombards me
with over two hundred hate messages
every single day
whenever he can find me
he will make up
lies about my son, his mother
my siblings and my parents
and this largely because
i cut him off
told him
never to call or email me
when i discovered he
was seriously mentally disturbed
spontaneous lines like these
are the ways i prevent myself
from giving my lawyer the go ahead
to file a case in his state
for internet based harassment
which is a crime
that can earn time....
poor young man...