Sunday, February 20, 2005

On Identity Theft in Kenyan Cyberspace Circles

I have continued to be perplexed by the insistent calls by one anonymous young man living in America but posting every single minute on the Kenya forum over at who has been DEMANDING that HE be given the carte blanche to TAKE OVER my actual, given, legal, real names as one of HIS many HANDLES on this forum.

In other words, this individual is insisting that Rich Bowen, the owner of this site should LEGITIMIZE Identity Theft by allowing this person to purloin the name of Onyango Oloo while the real Onyango Oloo would then be COMPELLED to use a fake name because his real name has been taken over by the DEMENTED identity thief!

Since I am convinced that very few people outside that forum will actually believe me, I thought I should reproduce the latest such tirade. Here it is verbatim:

Small question to Rich on FRAUD and monikers
From: typo's corrected! - Sun, Feb 20, 12:00 PM

i see that you went to great lengths and pain to explain how rigthful name owners are entitled to use their names. pray do tell how does one establish rightful name ownership in online fora given that some names like john kamau are as common as weed in the sping?
why would you feel justified defending one kamau not the other? as indicated from an earlier post the combo /permutation of names onyango and oloo is common place. in the abscence of a third (or fourth) name, this combo of names can not be claimed to be uniquely owned

WILL THE REAL Onyano Oloo, please stand up?? Here are some oloo's:

Onyango Oloo contender of the Kisauni Parliamentary seat

Eliud Onyango Oloo of Ottawa

George Onyango Oloo
(Onyango Oloo & Company Advocates)

A million other Onyango Oloo from the lake region (as there are many john smiths in the west)

David Onyango Oloo
(from the annals of kenyan criminal law)

David Oloo dropped David from his name after serving time for CRIME, having being jailed for looting during the abortive 1982 coup. He was admitted to Nairobi University as David Onyango Acwhal.

"Kenyan courts in the case of David Onyango Oloo-v- A.G 4 applied procedural ultra vires. It was an appeal from a high court decision. Appellant was convicted of an offence under section 46 (2) of the Penal Code5 and sentenced to five years imprisonment on 1st November 1982. Upon his admission into the prison, the appellant was entitled under section 46(2) of the Prisons Act 6 "to be credited with the full amount of remission to which he would be entitled at the end of the sentence if he loses no remission of sentence".

NOTE: section 46 (2) of Penal Code 5 pertains to robbery with violence of being an accessory to the crime.

Oloo called Rich Bowen A racist for not allowing another Onyango Oloo (George) to use his own name.

did Rich feel compelled to defend oloo wa montreal because he was labelled a racist by Oloo?

In his desperation to make his dubious case, this person INVENTS a FICTION that "Oloo" (which one now?) called Rich Bowen a "racist"- an obvious falsehood that can be quickly debunked using the search engine at the site in question.

To his credit, the owner of the site has politely rebuffed this BIZARRE overture. Again, let me quote Rich Bowen's succint and sober response:

In response to Small question to Rich on FRAUD and monikers posted by typo's corrected!

From: Rich - Sun, Feb 20, 12:11 PM

: i see that you went to great lengths and pain to explain how rigthful name owners are entitled to use their names. pray do tell how does one establish rightful name ownership in online fora given that some names like john kamau are as common as weed in the sping?

I would hardly say that I went to "great lengths" to do anything at all. I merely said that pretending to be someone else is generally considered to be fraud.

: why would you feel justified defending one kamau not the other? as indicated from an earlier post the combo / permutation of names onyango and oloo is common place. in the abscence of a third (or fourth) name, this combo of names can not be claimed to be uniquely owned

I think that it is *extremely* obvious in this context when one person is pretending to be another person, usually for the purpose of smearing their character. Trying to muddy the waters in order to make this sort of behavior more acceptable doesn't confuse anyone.

: did Rich feel compelled to defend oloo wa montreal because he was labelled a racist by Oloo?

You're funny. I don't recall defending anyone, and I don't feel compelled to do so.

What we're talking about is the basic courtesy of not pretending to be someone else, in a context where such a pretence will necessarily tend to confuse the general audience about the views of a particular person.

The fact that these names are, for the most part, assumed aliases, does not in any way alter the expectation of courtesy.


What becomes even more galling is when we look deeper we discover that the individual who is being so shrill and strident is NONE other than the same individual who posts up to TWO HUNDRED HATE MESSAGES against Onyango Oloo, often using the fake moniker, "Onyango Oloo" to defame the real Oloo, to link Oloo to forged "Standard newspaper" stories alleging that Chris Murungaru has been involved in a road accident and so on. This is the very same individual who has started FAKE anti- Onyango Oloo blogs POSING as either "Oloo Onyango" or even " Onyango Oloo"; this is the same person who has started startling INTERNATIONAL petitions online to remove Onyango Oloo as a moderator of a small section of a Kenyan forum that is when he is not appealing to INTERPOL of all bodies, to have the real Onyango Oloo ARRESTED as a dangerous felon for "crimes" made up by this person; this is the same person who has STOLEN Onyango Oloo's original essays and brazenly submitted these to the Kenya Times where they were PUBLISHED using the fake monikers, 'Dr. Onyango "K'Oloo", "Daudi Onyango Oloo" or a variant of the same. In the case of the Kenya Times, the real Onyango Oloo was FORCED to contact the editorial board and go through a rigmarole of PROVING that the real Oloo WAS NOT the one who submitted the DOCTORED essays stolen from the real Oloo by the fake Onyango Oloo.

Here is a letter written to this individual by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Kenya Times on August 17, 2004:

From : Kenya Times Media Trust Ltd
Sent : August 17, 2004 2:20:54 AM
To :
Subject : contact address

Dear "Mr Oloo",

The 14 hours Kenyan time deadline we gave you passed without your response. We had received complaints that you were lifting articles from the site of your namesake who is based in Canada and sending them to us for publication.

We therefore instituted investigations.

We have no doubt now that surely you are an imposter who has been plagiarising the works of a fellow Kenyan purporting them to be your articles. You have not only embarrassed our publication but dented our reputation and soiled our image. This is unforgivable. Henceforth, we shall not entertain any material from you in whatever form. You owe us and Onyango Oloo an apology.

David Lumbasi.
Deputy Editor-In-Chief
Kenya Times

But even after that letter from the Deputy Editor in Chief of the Kenya Times, the individuals persisted, THIS TIME stealing an essay by my good friend Adongo Ogony and submitting it as coming from one, " Dr K'Oloo" prompting me to write to the Kenya Times one more time last November(2004):

From : demokrasia kenya
Sent : November 9, 2004 3:05:05 PM
To :,
CC : oloo@, adongo@
Subject : The Fake "Dr. David Onyango K'Oloo"

Dear Editor:

I recently brought to your attention that the current Insight piece purportedly written by " Dr.K'Oloo" is a forgery because there is no individual by that name and the original piece is actually by my good friend Adongo. You may have even published the original in the very same Insight column!

Onyango Oloo

The same individual who is INSISTING that he has a RIGHT to STEAL MY NAME is the same individual who has registered at least THREE EMAIL addresses as "Onyango Oloo" even though NONE OF HIS GIVEN NAMES are "Onyango" "Oloo" or a permutation or combination thereof.

This same individual has gone over to the Mashada forum and REGISTERED on at least FOUR OCCASSIONS, handles as "Onyango Oloo" and this done, when I was not only an active participant there, but a moderator of the very section where he posted fake anti-Onyango Oloo flames as "Onyango Oloo".

Mark you this is the very same individual who SCREAMS to high heaven when his real name is posted here to expose his THREE YEAR vendetta against my person. This is the person who talks in such PASSIONATE terms about "privacy of identities online" when he spends every waking minute making up stuff about Onyango Oloo, his son, his ex-partners, his parents and his deceased siblings.

Why is this person so strident about using my actual,given real names as his HANDLE?

Well, a clue can be gleaned by looking at HIS REACTION when Rich Bowen briefly blocked me from using my two names, Onyango Oloo. You saw the person rush here to chortle, "You will NEVER be able post on RC Bowen as Onyango Oloo AGAIN!" Now, tell me if that is NOT a DOCUMENTED instance of certifiable INSANITY.

I have my own theory about this person's CAMPAIGN to TAKE OVER my name.

This individual is not only totally OBSESSED with me, he is INSANELY ENVIOUS of the real Onyango Oloo.


I am NOT wealthy and I am certainly not powerful. Since we do NOT share sexual orientations, there is NO DANGER that I would prevent him from hooking up with a gay lover of his choice. If you were to listen to his daily diatribes against me, we are NOT even in the SAME LEAGUE educationally- I am a STANDARD SIX ILLITERATE DROP OUT WALLOWING IN WELFARE POVERTY in Montreal, whereas he is a POST-DOCTORAL FINANCIAL WIZARD SIPPING COGNAC WITH AMERICAN SUPER STAR CELEBRITIES.

So where is the envy?

In one area:

I do have a GIFT for writing and this person RECOGNIZES my talent as among the MANY GOOD WRITERS Iin Kenyan online discussion forums. The IDENTITY THIEF, on the other hand, is unfortunately TOTALLY BEREFT of ANY literary potential with posting after posting riddled with grammatical errors- when he is NOT passing off well-researched academic papers by other intellectuals as his own work.

Identity Theft is a CRIME which can see a perpetrator JAILED. That is why I am AMAZED that a self-confessed IDENTITY THIEF comes here launching posting after posting after posting DEMANDING that he be allowed to STEAL MY NAME and DEPRIVE ME of the right to USE MY OWN NAME when I am one of the few people on this forum who has INSISTED on bucking the trend to use handles.

I recall that this individual has often railed against me about my foolishness of using my real name- saying that this is what has propelled TRASH TALKERS LIKE HIMSELF to launch tirades after tirades against my person. I am surprised that one of Onyango Oloo's leading FLAMERS, someone who never loses an opportunity to remind people how USELESS, CORRUPT, TRIBALISTIC, CRIMINAL, DEVIOUS, VIOLENT, SEXIST and IRRESPONSIBLE Onyango Oloo is, keeps on DEMANDING the mantle of Onyango Oloo as his own EXCLUSIVE HANDLE.

It is beyond my comprehension why this individual who was born with a name and can actually choose from millions of available handles(of which he already controls a virtual monopoly) would now launch tirades after tirades against Rich Bowen and Onyango Oloo because he cannot be Onyango Oloo because there is actually an Onyango Oloo who not only exists, but is known to post regularly on this forum under his real name Onyango Oloo.

Let me inform this individual that I will resist tenaciously, using all the means at my disposal, including resorting to a court of law if necessary, any attempts to execute IDENTITY THEFT,especially if such identity theft is perpetrated solely and chiefly for the purpose of the further defamation of my character. To compound identity theft with defamation of the identity you have stolen is a feat that is exclusively reserved for someone with an advanced case of a serious mental health defect.

Let me further inform this individual that after TOLERATING HIS HOURLY STALKING and DAILY OUTPOURINGS of HATRED against my person for the LAST TWO PLUS YEARS, I have now gathered ENOUGH evidence to link him to criminal instances of identity theft, defamation of character, sexual harassment, online harassment and other crimes. I will exercise my legal options at my own discretion.

Onyango Oloo