Sunday, August 15, 2010

Refriending a Facebook Pal

carried out
a referendum
on our friendship
the other day
and impulsively
voted NO
to our camaraderie
and near intimate
platonic bonds
voted YES
to unfriend you
as a Facebook friend
voted NO
to your presence
on my phonebook
voted YES
to not giving you
a second look
after rushing
to cast my rash vote
of no confidence
in our continued interaction
i rushed home
feeling as sick as
someone who had gulped down
biriyani mixed with omo
was foaming at the mouth
and convulsing
the doctor told me
that i was suffering from
a strange and weird disease
called SWS
this stands for
Sakina Withdrawal Syndrome
you are my
safe organic
virtual hashish
my purest magic mushrooms
i am hooked on you
like a curious tilapia
at the end
of a Migingo fisherman's ndoano...