Sunday, May 16, 2004

late bloomers

finding love in your fourth decade
is such a thrill after years of dress rehearsals
and disastrous opening nights and periodic flops
finally you have latched on to a winning, long running musical

enough of the comedy of your teenage angst and amateurish explorations
enough of the tragedy of your twentysomething two timing triple dealings
enough of the cynical mindset of your thirty something serial monogamy

telling someone who is in her early forties like you are
that you love her more than you have loved anyone else and finally meaning it
is such a turn on…

you are ecstatic; you are that giddy teenager all over again, only wiser
you are that acrobatic twentysomething all over again, only more skilled
you are that committed and mature thirtysomething all over again, less cynical

if mandela could get married on his eightieth birthday to a woman half way past her fifth decade
that is a sure sign that the older you get the better it gets
if only you reconnect to your humanity
and transcend the egocentricity of your earlier dating exploits
as you get older, you are no longer columbus looking for new territories to conquer

forget the propaganda of Pfizer
maturity and compassion is nature’s most potent Viagra
Life is more than erections and orgasms measured out in thickness of creamish spunk
Or the quivering of feminine nether buttons
Life is truly beautiful when you ultimately unite your carnal desires with your higher emotional and intellectual self without letting go of your ethical moorings or your humorous boosters…..

Onyango Oloo
Saturday, May 15, 2004
7:43 PM EST