Saturday, May 15, 2004

a song for uhuru

A Song for Uhuru

A Poem by Onyango Oloo

the yearning for freedom
rings and tingles like a brand new bell
ring ring ring
ring ring ringing across the rousing horizon
amid the rising tide of pumping fists
and the deafening crescendo of militant protests
the yearning for freedom
brings more and more of us together
day after day after passing day

now is the time
to fight all these vicious monsters
time to smite all these ghastly dastards
now is no time for internal division
external confusion or infernal indecision
now is the time for united popular action
kumekucha kumekucha we shout
kumepambazuka today we say
uhuru! uhuru! uhuru! we chant
pambana! pambana! pambana! we sing

the first step
is to recover and discover who we really are
as we uproot the buried roots of the mushrooming weeds
devastating the once blooming crops in our shambas
our collective task is to uncover and encounter
the vibaraka, the vibarakala and the malayas of politics
the homeguards and stooges who sold out our cherished rights
for a single serving of the oppressor’s ugali
It is time to come together
from the ocean through the plains
across the mountains and valleys to the lake
now is the time to unite and fight the KANU monsters
now is the time to gather together
a new and mighty vibrant uhuru movement

step number two is figuring out
which side of the fence we are standing on
and who else is here with us
step number two is finding out
who is on the other side of the fence
and who else is there with them
it is time for us to name names
and count all who are standing tall
time to know who is our enemy
and who is our friend
who is with us and who is against us
because the war for freedom has broken out
the fight for peace has just began
the demand for justice can not be stopped
so we must know, and must know now
who is coming with us and who is blocking our way

step number three
is to strategize, mobilize and organize
galvanize all the forces of freedom and progress
gather all the beacons of justice
and rejuvenate all the foot-soldiers of democracy
step number three is to identify and recruit
as many people, women, men and children
youth, wazee na walemavu
time to galvanize all, young and old from near and far
into one roaring mighty national force for change
step number three is to build brick by brick
the rocksteady sturdy home
of the people’s united uhuru movement

after that it will be a flowing river gushing and rushing forward
an unstoppable force moving ever forward
not pausing until final victory

Onyango Oloo
Wednesday September 18, 2002