Monday, May 17, 2004

A Note to Blogger Support

I am sure I am not the ONLY person who has noticed some of the offensive ads popping up on this page.

I just sent the following message to Blogger Support:

at the very top of my blog i see plugs for bush and cheney gear, and coming up rumsfeld and ADOLF HITLER!

is this deliberate?

i would rather if i had NO ADS at all, and if so, non-political ones. i am very political, but it is the understatement of the year if i told you that my political beliefs are quite at variance with messrs bush, cheney, rumsfeld and hitler.

onyango oloo

A Letter to Google on Their Ads in This Blog:

Dear Google:

My name is Onyango Oloo and I recently set up a blog at:

i must say that i am EXTREMELY offended by the ads for bush/cheney 2004 and i am NOT looking forward to seeing the ones for donald rumsfeld and ESPECIALLY ADOLF HITLER!

is this a deliberate provocation?

onyango oloo