Saturday, May 15, 2004

Whispers Is Gone...

On The Death Of Wahome Mutahi

Your whispers reached us loud and clear
From near and far
We learned a great deal through our tears of laughter
You taught us that humour could be more lethal than a simi
More piercing than the sharpest mkuki and sharper than the newest wembe
In skewering the dullards and die-hards clinging on to power

The other side knew the potent punch you packed
And did not hesitate to include you among the throngs rounded
Up for the torture chambers in the midst of those dark days

And yet you were still laughing at them and laughing with us
When you walked out of that house of horrors

Today we are part of the wailing and sobs of a nation robbed
Of one of their truly favourite sons
Today we cry when hear the booming laughter occasioned by your whispers
Reverberating in our collective memories
Today we are at a loss to describe our loss
Today the smiles are washed away by the streaming tears of sadness
Today we walk around with long faces trying to pull the last strand of hair from its nappy roots

But I think
That perhaps
You would have preferred
Smiles instead of scowls
I think that perhaps
You would have preferred laughter
In the place of whimpers

O whispers, freshly departed cultural advocate
Never to be forgotten engaging chronicler
Your humour has touched a nation
Your writing has guaranteed you a seat among our icons

Today a woman will conceive somewhere in a Kenyan household
And months from now
You will be back among us,
Crawling your way back to that beloved column

We await your return…..

Onyango Oloo
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
11:30 am