Sunday, August 15, 2010

Refriending a Facebook Pal

carried out
a referendum
on our friendship
the other day
and impulsively
voted NO
to our camaraderie
and near intimate
platonic bonds
voted YES
to unfriend you
as a Facebook friend
voted NO
to your presence
on my phonebook
voted YES
to not giving you
a second look
after rushing
to cast my rash vote
of no confidence
in our continued interaction
i rushed home
feeling as sick as
someone who had gulped down
biriyani mixed with omo
was foaming at the mouth
and convulsing
the doctor told me
that i was suffering from
a strange and weird disease
called SWS
this stands for
Sakina Withdrawal Syndrome
you are my
safe organic
virtual hashish
my purest magic mushrooms
i am hooked on you
like a curious tilapia
at the end
of a Migingo fisherman's ndoano...

my love is a kenyan river

an early night
in late july
memories flood back
of hot sex
on cold mornings
secret gropings
after frantic
taxi rides
peals of romantic laughter
you brewing
masala chai and scrambled mayai
before hopping on
the number four
from sun city
to afya centre

she that i
used to sneak from
to be with you
is resting six feet under
and is watching
us from above

even as i
what happened

to the one
you sneaked to
when you ran
away from me

know you this
my love for you
is the river tana
ever flowing
knowing not
drought or hailstorm
low or high season...

a window, opening slowly....

sunday rendezvous
in ranalo's
meeting you
for the first time
i quickly realize that
that mc sasha
the feisty twentysomething
vivacious sista
i first ogled
at warembo ni yes
is nowhere
to be seen
forgot to show up
the statuesque charismatic
beauty across the table
shyly glancing at me
while picking absently
at her ngege
is a young mother
known as mama nadia
who weighs each word
as if she just got
an urgent secret sms
from treasury building
tipping her off in advance
that minister uhuru kenyatta
would increase the price
of talking
in the next kenyan budget
in the course of the afternoon
you loosen up
open up
sharing with me
the sweet with the bitter
the fascinating
with the melancholy
and for that
i wanted to echo
your ugenya people
where my own mama
may she repose in peace
also sprang from
to end by saying
"erohamano nyar simenya!"