Thursday, August 04, 2011

Did the Poetry Stop You Wondered....

the gap in your beautiful teeth

is the first thing most people notice

flipping through your digital album
on my lap top

i am stunned by your breath-taking looks

if you were not already my wife

i would propose to you

memories of kisumu,




are reinforced by

your warm body
next to mine,

night after night
after night
months on end
year in, year out

did the poetry stop
after you moved in

you asked me
a few minutes ago

closer to one than midnight
here in east africa

and this poem
is the response
to tell you
that i have five volumes

of epic, romantic and ever flowing verse

cascading through my soul

when you are asleep

i study your face
reminding myself
how lucky i am

to have you
in my life

as the most significant other in my life....