Thursday, May 27, 2004

wacha niwachokoze marafiki zangu wa kike (let me tease my female friends)

when should you
when should you
when should you
give it up
for the
very first time
and hey
i am not talking
your long since gone
i am talking about
letting a man
you have recently met
tap that ass
for the very first time
i hope
i am being sufficiently

some people say
it is bad manners
for a gal
to give it up
on the very first night
that it shows
she is a tart
or something worse

well, i am not a gal
but let me chime in
all the same

i do not think
there really
is a formula
for giving it up
or a time-table
of when to do it

i do not think
there is
a right or wrong
i do not think
there is
a good or bad
i do not think
there is
a best or worst
about this
whole business
of giving it up
for the first time

tell me this
if you know
you are gonna do it
why should you
swindle yourself
when you are
with goosebumps
because of
your hardened nipples
of your
twitching you know what
and you
want to scream
touch me there, goddammit!!
touch me!

why wait
seven years,
four months
and sixteen days
to finally
to a passionate embrace
you wanted to
lose yourself in
that very first evening

my friends
i am just
messing with you all
i know you
will roast me alive
and substitute
my remains
for nyama choma

but i really wanted
to hear back
from you,