Thursday, May 27, 2004

how come...

how come
some of us men
never call our
one night stand
lovers back
after we have slept with them
for what we know is the only time
and they think is the first of many times?

how come
some of us men
are so cruel
never giving a hint
that we are just there
for the punani
and that we will split
after getting our piece?

how come
some of us men
call ourselves men
as we boast and strut
after breaking another woman's heart?

i was talking
to a friend of mine
and she was telling me
how she got her sweet revenge
she met, she told me
this sweet young thing
who was all over her
wanted to marry her on the spot
when he saw her picture
in a lonely hearts
singles site
turned out
they lived across town
some of the same haunts
so they arranged a hot date
and the guy came
clean shaven
dressed to a t
and smelling vaguely
of expensive cologne
and he picked up the tab
after the sumptous dinner
at the fancy restaurant
and was the definition
of gentlemanly

and she knew
that he was infatuated
bowled over
head over heels
and she told me
she brought him back
to her place
fucked him
and dumped him
never calling him back
never returning his calls,
never responding
to his earnest emails
or answering her door
when he buzzed and buzzed and buzzed

and she saved
the final insult
now that
the guy
had told her
this club
he went to
every other
she decided
to show up there
with another man
even more
than the
recent dumpee

so i asked her
how come
how come you did that
to the poor guy
how come,
how come i asked
why did you have
to be so rude
and why rub it in
with a new beau

and she said
it felt nice
as i remembered
all those times
when i was the dumpee...